יום רביעי, ינואר 19, 2005
Cancel My Subscription

Dear "Rabbi" Student:

It with a heart full of disgust that I write to inform you that I have cancled my subscription to Hirhurim.

Ever since you fired Simcha, and took up the burden of full-time blogging yourself, the publication has gone downhill. For me, the final straw came today when you published a spirited, yet wrongheaded and foolish defense of Rabbi Noson Slifkin.

As Torah True Jews like myself have recently been instructed, Rabbi Slifkin, who we once took to be one of our own, is in fact a heretic. The Sages have spoken, in one, pure, Pravda-like voice, and only a fool, an evil-doer, or a YU Boy would dare to ignore them. Which are you?

Though this Slifkin defense was the final nail in your coffin, I confess that I have been suspicious of you for quite some time. First, there is the matter of the name you gave to your blog. "Hirhurim?" Excuse me, but in yeshiva it was made clear that "hirhurim" are filthy thoughts. Frequently, our Rabbis exorted us against the sin of having "hirhurim." A Torah True Jew does not give to his blog such a title. It's a plain sign of your mental and moral corruption.

Second, there is the language you use to express yourself. Not only do you write in English, rather than a Torah True language like Yiddish, but your English is conspicuously mistake-free. A Torah True Jew does not permit himself this luxury, preferring to demonstrate his humility by littering his prose with errors of diction and grammer. Clearly, you were not educated in a Torah True institution, and this counts against you.

Finally, there is your blog's comment section. Why do you allow heretics to respond? Why do you give free-thinkers a forum for speaking their minds? A Torah True conversation is a one way street. It goes like this. (1) The Rabbi speaks. (2) The people listen. (3)The end. (See, for example, the comment free post published at Cross Currents by HaRav Yitzchok Adlerstein.) As Cross Current's example show us, feedback, requests for clarification, and follow-up questions are for the goyim. You will note, for example, that my own blog does not permit comments, and no one is more Torah True than YitzhakEyezik.

In closing, I wish to thank you for introducing me to other Torah True Jews, Jews like Shimon, a wise and just Torah True Jew if ever there was one. I expect Shimon and I will become close friends. I can tell from the heterosexual vigor of his comments on your blog that Shimon is exactly the sort of manly man that would not object to hugging and kissing me at simchot and other special occasions. I like that.

With Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim blessings, I am

Yitzhak Eyezick
Torah True Jew

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